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The Kodak DC20 page

Kodak DC20

Here it is, the Kodak DC20 digital camera. It is a small camera that is suited very well to WWW application.

I had the opportunity to test one of these for some time, thanks to Gianmarco Giovannelli, who lent it to me.

The camera comes with a TWAIN driver for Wind*ws 95 and without any explanation of the serial protocol it uses. Unfortunately, no support is given for an "alternate" OS like FreeBSD, but M*cOS. Anyway, you can find all the information you need on the serial protocol and on the camera on the Web. If you are interested, please read Oliver Hartmann's page, which also explains how to build your own serial cable.

FreeBSD Logo You can find here a program developed under FreeBSD to control the camera through your computer. The program is written in C and should be easily ported to other OSes. This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, so it is freely distributable, but comes with *NO WARRANTY*. See the included copy of the license for more details.

The program can take a photo, erase the camera memory, change its resolution, download the photos and/or the thumbnails from the camera and save them in any format from raw (Comet), ppm (24 bit colour) or pgm (8 bit greyscale), or a format from JPEG, TIFF and PNG if the support for these formats was included at compilation time.

Ok, where should I click? :-)

Here You may download the source code for the current version of the package. The file is in .tar.gz format, and its length is about 35 KB.

Here If you use FreeBSD, you may want to download the port, or the package.

You may also want to browse my binaries directory to compare your yet-downloaded-package to currently available releases.


Well, what is support? This is a GPL project, so no warranty is supplied. Anyway, I would be glad to have some feedback from you, expecially if you would like to submit patches to the package, so that it can easily build on other platforms besides FreeBSD.


The dc20ctrl project by itself is almost complete. In the next release I will add a few maintenance fixes, as well as a reviewed version of the manual.

Nuovo! This does not mean that I do not want to improve this program, if it is possible. It simply means that I would like to spend my time in some more productive way, for example developing a Tcl/Tk interface to dc20ctrl. A preview is available if you like (it is a 50 KB JPEG file).


Some Linux users signaled me a problem taking photos with the program: they have to force the baud rate at 9600 baud, otherwise it would not work. I am really stymied here, as it works perfectly under FreeBSD. I would be glad to someone who has a Linux machine and some programming skills to investigate further on this problem. Start looking at shoot.c, and carefully inspect the black magic about baud rate changing that happens there.


I would like to publicly thank Karl Hakimian for his kind assistance and because he wrote the dc20 package, to which this program is the successor.

I would also like to thank Yoshida Hideki for the release in the Public Domain of his Comet (the raw format used by the DC20 and other similar cameras) to 24 bit conversion routine, that I include in the program.

Many thanks to David J. Roberts for the reviewed version of this home page and all the work on the documentation. Hey, David, you forgot to add this paragraph :-)

Many thanks to anyone that tried the program, expecially to the ones that sent a feedback:


I want to point out that I am in no way connected to Kodak, other than by being in possession of some of their products :-)

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